Millennials Chamber of Commerce, known as MC2 (pronounced “MC squared” for short), was created FOR Global Millennials & Gen Z BY Global Millennials to improve the economic welfare, life-quality & cultural well-being of our generation.

We are here to empower our global Millennial & Gen Z Professionals & Entrepreneurs with our careers & businesses. We serve College Students & Recent Grads, Young Professionals, Millennial Women and Hip & Sexy Millennial Moms & Dads.


To create a truly inclusive global culture & environment where the Future Generation can prosper and enjoy an enhanced quality of life driven by purpose.


To improve the economic welfare of the global Future Workforce by:

1) Advocating for our interests & purpose

2) Empowering our global Millennial & Gen Z Workforce

3) Offering services & products that can be beneficial to our members

We achieve this goal via our Collaborative Partnerships, Experience-Focused Events, Programs & Micro-Lessons that are strategically based on our New 3 Model.

We firmly believe we can disrupt the status quo and move forward with candid & transparent conversations that lead to Actions that Empower our community.

MC2 bridges generational gaps between Future Generations & previous generations cross-culturally for a shared goal of Unity & Empowerment of Global Future Workforce.

Our Team


Raeha Kim, Esq.

Founder & CEO

Hi, I am Raeha aka Seoul Sister. I'm passionate about creating real inclusion. For me, that has to include the willingness to break bread together & share opportunities with everyone globally. MC2 was created to serve everyone who has ever been labeled as a Mis-fit, Underdog or .... [Read More]


Trevin Dye

VP of Global Alliances

Hey! Trevin here…to some “The World's Most Interesting Man!” I am a master connector and curator of great people and amazing experiences from around the globe. International man of mystery and passionate social chameleon, I explore.... [Read More]


Shane Swor

VP of Events

Hello! I'm Shane aka The Connoisseur. Hosting events and parties is my passion. For me, it is all about making the guests experience something they'll always remember. I'm usually the backbone to the food and beverage program, featuring multi-cultural .... [Read More]


Nick Black


Hey, I'm Nick. Many call me RAM, short for Racially Ambiguous Man or The Donkey Man because of my Digital Marketing company, The Digital Donkey. I am passionate about Marketing, Branding, “Story-Showing," IT & Entrepreneurship. I love creating... [Read More]


Omar Kinnebrew

VP of Fashion

Hi, I'm Omar. Many people call me The Kingsman because of the way I dress and rep my company, Bespokuture, a luxury custom fashion brand. I live, eat & breath custom garments, shoes & accessories for men & women across the globe. .... [Read More]


Ronica Brown

VP of Finance

Hi, I am Ronica aka Ron Breezy because I am just cool like an ocean breeze from the beautiful island of Jamaica. When I’m tired of being too cool, I spend my time helping business to save on their taxes and increase cash flow.... [Read More]


Alex Zimmerman

VP of Wealth Building

Hi, I'm Alex, aka your Numbers Guy. I focus on helping people learn how their money can outlive them - basically I can potentially help you provide yourself the freedom to live on your own terms. People are happy when they learn how their money can .... [Read More]


Kevin Stewart

VP of Partnerships

Hi, I'm Kevin, famously known as The Encourager. I have a unique gift of seeing the unseen and hearing the unspoken to lead others on a path of ultimate success & enlightenment. In short, I am the guy that will see your potential & strength .... [Read More]


Michael Wesselmann

Real Estate Educator

Hi! I'm Michael aka That Real Estate Dude. I am a recent Finance grad taking on life and pushing myself to the fullest. I joined MC2 to learn from an awesome group of diverse people and also share my knowledge & skillset with others. My current venture is in.... [Read More]


Shannon Hepburn

Systems Engineer

Hello I’m Shannon aka Google Physique! I am an IT specialist hailing from the halls of Year Up Atlanta & a recent Computer Science grad from Atlanta Metropolitan College. My journey started within the beautiful islands of The Bahamas where I was born and.... [Read More]


Krystle Crummey

Career Navigator

Hi, I'm Krystle aka In Style Career Navigator. I'm a Career Navigator changing the game of traditional job hunting & helping my fellow Millennials & Gen Z find their purpose so they can live out their purpose in style and not go broke. My mission with.... [Read More]


Chris Black


Hey I'm Chris aka "Mr. Keep Calm & Carry On" because I stay cool under pressure. For me, there is no point in stressing anything. It's all about perspective and living the best life that we want to live and enjoying the ride... [Read More]


Sylvia Jang

Digital Marketer

Hi, I’m Sylvia aka The Traveler. I am a digital marketer & a proud recent grad in Seoul, South Korea. I love learning & sharing different cultures & ideas with people from all over the world through digital content. I love traveling (currently 19 countries)! I am especially intrigued by.... [Read More]