Kevin Stewart


"The Encourager"


Living Life Without Approval


B.S. - Computer Science

Tech Startup Connector

15 years

Kevin Stewart

Hi, I'm Kevin, famously known as The Encourager. I have a unique gift of seeing the unseen and hearing the unspoken to lead others on a path of ultimate success & enlightenment.

In short, I am the guy that will see your potential & strength and not let you fail. I will cheer you on until you become the embodiment of your fullest potential because that's what life is all about - helping our Next Generation to carry on the torch towards a better future.

With my background as a corporate executive combined with my life-long passion as a change agent, it only made sense that I join MC2's movement: M is the New Race & I love being the oldest Millennial on our Team!

During my free time I enjoy Golf, Cars & Listening to Music!