Raeha Kim, Esq.


"Seoul Sister"


Being Politely Aggressive


JD, B.A. - Pol/Sci & Pscyhology

Future Workforce & Diversity Consultant

5 yrs

Raeha Kim, Esq.

Hi, I am Raeha aka Seoul Sister. I'm passionate about creating real inclusion. For me, that has to include the willingness to break bread together & share opportunities with everyone globally.

MC2 was created to serve everyone who has ever been labeled as a Mis-fit, Underdog or just Different to come together to grow & prosper so we can create a better future for our Next Generation. At MC2, we truly believe M is the new race & our super-powers lie in our differences.

My super-power is derived from being an unconventional Korean-American woman, and that is the secret sauce to my consulting, training & speaking practice.

My skills include Next Gen Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Law and Health & Wellness.

I enjoy listening to Audible, Working-Out, Trying out New Cuisines and sharing time with my furry baby.

Check me out on LinkedIn, FB, IG & www.Raeha.com