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Ronica Brown, CPA


Ron Breezy


Helping People With Taxes


M.S. - Taxation & CPA

Financial Consulting & Tax Planning

9 years

Ronica Brown, CPA

Hi, I am Ronica aka Ron Breezy because I am just cool like an ocean breeze from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

When I’m tired of being too cool, I spend my time helping business to save on their taxes and increase cash flow. So, I am in the numbers business representing the all the cool CPA’s in America.

I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and Next Gen Empowerment because I believe a combination of these 2 things will help to change societies for many young people around the world. I consider it my duty to give back to those who didn’t have the same opportunities that I was blessed to have. Knowledge is power and that's why I believe in the mission of the Millennials Chamber of Commerce.

During my free time, I am enjoying the new chapter of my life as a mother to my newly born son.