Behind The Brand

What is it?

You can sponsor our Behind the Brand videos where we showcase an influential Millennial Employee from your brand and breath in new life to your brand, organically building a personal engagement with your target Next Gen audience.

With your suggestion, we will select and feature a Millennial Employee from your team, follow him/her and capture his/her work-life at your Brand and interview him/her. We will provide necessary Media Coaching and Guidance for the production.


  • Your brand will be given credit & recognized as a Behind the Brand Sponsor, one who Empowers the Next Gen Citizens.

  • Behind the Brand videos will offer you double benefits, building awareness, trust and authentic engagement with your Millennial Consumers and Millennial Workforce - locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

  • Behind the Brand videos will be distributed on various social media platforms, i.e. FB, IG, YouTube, LinkedIn with your brand logo, receiving credit as a sponsor and viewed by Global Next Gen Citizens throughout the World.

  • Your brand will raise awareness and build trust and loyalty with Next Gen Consumers and Workforce.