Mille Mini-Film

What is it?

You can sponsor our Co-branded original Mille Mini-Film Series video where we “Story-Show” your brand and build immediate, direct engagement with global Next Gen audience, capturing their attention with relevant, dynamic, engaging story.

We will creatively showcase your brand in an entertaining mini-film style for your target global Next Gen Consumers.

The Mille Mini-Film Series will be released quarterly and is sure to build a captivated loyal Global Fanbase for your brand.


  • Your brand will be given credit & recognized as a Mille Mini-Film Series Sponsor, one who Empowers the Next Gen Citizens.

  • Mille Mini-Film Series is sure to build a captivated loyal Global Consumer base for your brand, building engagement with the Next Gen audience while delivering engaging and entertaining story content.

  • Your Co-Branded Mini-Film Series may be showcased and viewed in Times-Square during the annual UN’s International Peace Day and or may be showcased and entered in various Mini-Film Festivals.

  • The Mille Mini-Film Series videos will be distributed on various social media platforms, i.e. FB, IG, YouTube, LinkedIn with your brand logo, receiving credit as a sponsor and viewed by Global Next Gen Citizens throughout the World.

  • You can request analytics of your Co-branded video engagement on various social media marketing platforms.

  • Your brand will raise awareness and build trust and loyalty with Next Gen Consumers.