Mille Table

What is it?

You can sponsor our Mille Table videos where we showcase a group of influential Millennial leaders within a chosen industry and have candid, fun, relevant and entertaining conversations.

We will discuss career and life success stories, share advice and insight with the Next Gen global citizens who are interested in learning more about the chosen industry and elevate their careers.


  • Your brand will be given credit & recognized as a Mille Table Sponsor, one who Empowers the Next Gen Citizens.

  • Mille Table videos is sure to build a captivated loyal global Next Gen Consumer base for your brand, building engagement with the Next Gen audience while delivering relevant, engaging educational content.

  • The Mille Table videos will be distributed on various social media platforms, i.e. FB, IG, YouTube, LinkedIn with your brand logo, receiving credit as a sponsor and viewed by Global Next Gen Citizens throughout the World.

  • Your brand will raise awareness and build trust and loyalty with Next Gen Consumers and Workforce.