Meet The Speakers


Ulrika Lindström Chahwala

Co-Owner, Bravo Ocean Studios

Hailing from Stockholm, Ulrika is co-owner of Bravo Ocean Creative Group in Atlanta, where she also serves as Creative Director. Ulrika left Sweden at 18 to pursue a music career in the US. Struggling with labels, she decided to independently grow her platform. As a result.... [Read More]


Dr. Lexy

OWN TV Personality

Dr. Lexy of the Oprah Winfrey Network(“OWN”) is an avant-garde and self-made boss with a myriad of accomplishments. She has consistently defied the odds and rose above the occasion time and time again. From tumultuous childhood to becoming the 1st Black ..... [Read More]


Cindy Wilson

Author, Too Much Soul
Cindy Wilson wrote “Too Much Soul” to tell a unique story about being adopted by an African American family from Seoul, Korea and growing up in Jackson, MS. Along her journey she has discovered that as unique as her circumstances may be her life resonated with.... [Read More]

Shade' Dixon, Esq.

Attorney to Creatives

Shade’ Dixon, Esq. is an attorney/partner at Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC. As an avid lover of the Arts, musician and photographer, her passion lies in contributing to the integrity and protection of the arts and those who create it; as well as, assisting with... [Read More]


Sarah Boyd, PhD

CEO, META Studios

Sarah is the CEO of META Studios, Atlanta's only cross-media production house specializing in film, television, animation, gaming, publishing, and merchandising. Previously, she led innovation and product design in gaming, founded and directed a research.... [Read More]

Chuan Pinkston

Chaun Pinkston

CEO, Seedtime Productions

Chaun Pinkston is President and CEO of Seedtime Productions, Inc., a media arts entertainment company specializing in film, television and video production. Chaun is a native of South West Atlanta and has a passion for people and the Arts. As a content creator and.... [Read More]


Anh Vu

Radio Host, Vu's Views

Anh Vu known to many as Vu’s Views, is an Asian American Radio Host, Life Coach, and an Intuitive Spiritual Energy practitioner. Anh was raised in a traditional Vietnamese family that placed great emphasis on higher learning and she was taught to believe .... [Read More]


Briana Holmes

Founder, Millennials of Atlanta

Briana Holmes, a transplant to Atlanta, obtained her degrees from both Georgia Southern University and Auburn University. She's the Founder and CEO of Millennials of Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that connects millennials through social, service, .... [Read More]

Meet The Hosts


Leeanna Lee-Mook

Fashion Model

Leeanna is a 20 yr old Fashion Model and a sophomore at GSU majoring in Public Health. Leeanna began modeling since childhood and has worked with various brands, both boutique and global. She loves to utilize her confidence to create art through modeling.... [Read More]


Raeha Kim Esq.

Founder, MC2

Hi, I am Raeha aka Seoul Sister. I'm passionate about creating real inclusion. For me, that has to include the willingness to break bread together & share opportunities with everyone globally. MC2 was created to serve everyone who has ever been labeled as a Mis-fit, Underdog or .... [Read More]

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