Leeanna Lee-Mook

Fashion Model & GSU Student

Meet Leeanna Lee-Mook

Hello everyone! I am Leeanna Lee-Mook, a 20 year old sophomore Public Health major at Georgia State University, who also has a passion for modeling and bringing people’s visions to life.

I am a firm believer in women empowerment and equality for everyone despite where you come from, your looks, or beliefs. Because I came from parents of two different countries (Laos and Jamaica), I chose to go to further my education in Public Health in order to give back to the communities of developing countries or the less fortunate in our own amongst us.

People would describe me as outgoing, silly, but classy. I choose to radiate positive energy, because in this world that we live in, we really do not need any more negativity.

 I love to utilize my confidence into creating art though modeling and inspiring other women to do what they want and love themselves as well. We are ALL capable!!