Anh Vu

Radio Host / Guru of No BullSh!t

Meet Anh Vu

Anh Vu (aka Vu’s Views) is an Asian American Radio Host, Spiritual Energy Life Coach, Event Host, Public Speaker and is Highly Intuitive.

Anh was raised in a traditional Vietnamese family that placed great emphasis on higher learning and she was taught to believe by not acquiring a college degree or working in Corporate America, she would be a failure.  Anh did follow that lifestyle earlier on.

After 24 years of living an unfulfilled, mundane and boring life, Anh decided to finally follow her lifelong dreams by living it on her terms.

Through her radio show “The Naked Truth“, raw, real, edgy, sexy while enlightening; Anh is bringing light to a new consciousness and unconventional lifestyle.

In addition to her show, Anh loves assisting  those in need of guidance through life coaching, event hosting and public speaking.  Her highly intuitive nature is remarkable and sought out.

Anh's goal is to provide the highest and greatest spiritual enlightenment for everyone, changing the world one soul at a time.